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Introducing Compass by Herman Miller

The perfect healthcare space today will not be perfect tomorrow. Healthcare organizations face an ongoing challenge in managing their facilities: while treatment and care processes continually evolve, many healthcare spaces are not designed to adapt. 

Compass helps navigate change. A modular system of interchangeable components for hospital and outpatient facilities, Compass is used to create applications for patient rooms, exam rooms, caregiver work areas, and other clinical spaces.

Compass' True North: Quality of Care 
As a valuable and needed solution for a variety of healthcare spaces, especially acute care and outpatient facilities, Compass is an essential component to creating a welcoming aesthetic within a patient room. Beyond its visual appeal, Compass also provides an array of benefits that contribute to improving the experience of working, visiting and healing:

Infection Prevention: Its innovative sink and faucet design reduces splashing—a major contributor to the spread of infection—while its combination of seamless, wrapped surfaces and overlapping tiles minimize the potential for liquids to seep into unseen areas.

Greater Cleanability: With Compass intentionally designed to be raised off the floor, the room can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. The added space also maximizes the feeling of openness—a critical consideration in the context of increasingly smaller healthcare spaces.

Flexibility: A necessity in today's healthcare environment, Compass' ability to be easily assembled, disassembled, reconfigured and refreshed affords healthcare organizations the opportunity to implement ongoing workflow and efficiency improvements without room demolition or care interruption.

For more information on Compass, please visit the Compass product page on hermanmiller.com.